Training Times October 2017

10/09/2017 At Pool School Tuesday 17:30-18:30

Under 9’s Lions (Alex Sedgman and Ian Raggett)

Under 10’s Lions. (Adam Rowe)

Under 10’s Rangers. (Mark Brown)

Under 13’s Athletic. (Adam Gilbert and Dan Abraham)

11/09/2017 At Cornwall College Wednesday 17:30-18:30

Under 5’s. Indoors. (John Dowling)

Under 6’s and Under 7’s sharing. (Darren Ashley and Richard Cardigan)

Under 8’s. (Martin Adams and Tom Collins)

Under 10’s. (Darren Holsey and Luke Healan)

Under 11’s Predators. (Marcus Smith and Paul Kevern)

11/09/2017 At Cornwall College Wednesday 18:30-19:30

Under 9’s. (Richard Cardigan)

Under 12’s. (Nick Medlin and Mark Rogers)

Under 13’s. (Darren Ashley and Martin Adams)

Under 14’s. (Nick Hutchison and Rob Hanrahan)

12/09/2017 At Pool School Thursday 18:00-19:00

Under 11’s Warriors. (Tarik Kalkan and Ben Kempthorne)

Under 13’s Warriors. (Sean Lewis)



12/09/2017 At Thursday 19:00-20:00

Under 15’s. (Darren Kinsman)

Under 16’s. (Chris Stephens)

Ladies team.

Ladies team.